Consultation Service

If you would like me to personally check and verify that the gemstone or jewelry you are buying in Bangkok is genuine or the quality is correctly stated, I can do it for you for a small fee as shown below:

In-House (Item provided in Office) Fees:

Visual Color Consultation Fee

1,000 Thai Baht (around US$29):  I will personally verify if the gemstone you are buying is in fact a ‘ruby, emerald or blue, yellow, orange, pink sapphire, etc.’  When buying any gemstone the most important factor is the color and if there is ‘an error’ or ‘misrepresentation’ in how the color is described it might cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

So, for just a small fee I can verify if the color described is accurate or not.

Examples in how I can save you money with this service

  1. Gemstone identified as Ruby but instead, it is a pink or purple sapphire as the dominant color is pink or purple and not ‘red.’ This difference can drop the gemstone price dramatically.
  2. Gemstone identified as Emerald but instead, it is green beryl as the color is NOT ‘vivid or saturated’ enough.  Again this will affect the gemstone price dramatically.


Visual Gemstone Identification Fee

2,000 Thai Baht (around US$56): Including the visual color consultation service, I will personally check if the gemstone is indeed a ruby, sapphire or emerald, or some other gemstone, synthetic or glass, or plastic.
For this service I will be doing the following:

  1. I will verify the gemstone by first using a refractometer which will check the refractive index (RI) of the particular gemstone. This will help me identify if the gemstone is indeed a ruby, sapphire, emerald, or any other gemstone.
  2. If the gemstone is accurately identified, I will then check under my microscope to identify if the gemstone is indeed natural, heated, or synthetic.

Outside Office (Leave my office) Fees:

Personal Visual Consultation Fee

3,500 Thai Baht (around US$100) located in Bangkok only: In most situations, as you are not ‘in the trade,’ it will not be possible to physically bring me the jewelry or gemstone without actually buying or committing.

Therefore, for a small fee and couple of hours of my time, I can physically go to where the item is located and verify if it is genuine, accurately stated or what you need to do before buying your unique gemstone or jewelry.
This service works for anyone located in Bangkok or abroad.

Example of how this service works:  

While searching on eBay in Sydney, Australia, you found a beautiful pink sapphire located in Bangkok, and through the pictures & videos, the item looks stunning.   On the site, the item is described as:

  1. Color: Vivid Hot Pink
  2. Treatment: No treatment (unheated & 100% natural)
  3. Origin: Sri Lanka

The item is located in Bangkok and you would like me to check if the item is correctly stated as above.  I will than email you my findings which I have briefly summarized below:


I found that the item is actually much lighter in shade than shown in the pictures.  In my expert opinion, the color shade is ‘pinkish purple’ and not ‘vivid pink.’  Also, the item does not have a third-party certification and I will recommend you to make one before buying it to verify if it is indeed unheated & untreated.

Finally, based on the overall look of the gemstone, I personally feel the gemstone is from Madagascar and not Sri Lanka.  The last origin statement is just my personal opinion through experience, but if the gemstone origin is important for you then I will recommend getting the gemstone verified through reliable third party certificate provider which will have more advanced verification equipment.



Your Personal Gemologist Consultant

Personal Negotiator Consultation Fee 

7,000 Thai Baht (around US$200) or 5% of total value (whichever is higher): For this service, I will personally be your gemstone or jewelry consultant and help negotiate and check if the item you are buying is accurately stated and if it is a good deal or priced correctly in wholesale.

The pricing will be verified by me personally and I will double check similar quality goods through our extensive wholesale gemstone network, which we have established over 50 years.

If the item is made in jewelry, I will also check and see each component (metal costs, small diamonds or gemstone costs, etc.,) and see if the pricing is close to wholesale pricing.

If after verification we can ‘source’ or produce a similar item cheaper, I will provide you an alternative wholesale list breakdown plus custom-making charges for any item.

If you are buying any item above US$2,000, this service will be highly beneficial to you as I will probably save you more money than the actual service fees charged.



Why do you charge a fee for these services when you providing all this free information in the blog?
The actual purpose of this blog is to help educate end-users or people in the trade about gemstones or treatments as I believe the lack of information or disclosure is hurting the business and not allowing the consumer to make an informed decision.

However, even though you can read all the information on this blog and apply it yourself, there is still no replacement  of having personal hands on experience as a gemstone or jewelry buyer.

These fees are similar to what you will pay your personal doctor or lawyer for their time.  Like how you can read the law or read about all medical conditions online, there is still no replacement of having a hands-on or personal experience in applying that knowledge.

What makes me different than normal lab services?

In normal labs, the only thing they will provide is identification report which will state gemstone color & origin.  However, color is very subjective and physically seeing what the gemstone color is always different than what is stated on the gem report.   Also, the labs don’t provide the accurate wholesale pricing as they are not actually buying & selling gemstones.  That is what our company does.