How much is untreated emerald? - GIA 2.87 carats No Oil Emerald

Rare 3.02 carats unheated ruby & GIA certified 2.87 carats no oil & untreated emerald!

We have recently acquired two very unique gemstones.  Both are 100% natural and not subject to any treatment by man!

The first one is an unheated and no treatment 3.02 carats vivid red ruby from Mozambique.  The stone has been certified by GRS (Gemresearch Swisslab).  Details in how rare this type of ruby is can be read in our previous ruby treatment blog.

For gemologist enthusiast, this ruby does have an intact crystal in it which can be seen under the microscope.  This proves it is 100% natural.

The second stone is a “crystal-clean” emerald which has not been subject to any oil (no oil) or any other treatment (UPDATE on September 10, 2014 – verified by GIA – Report Check Link:

This is almost unheard of with emeralds as almost 99% of all emeralds are either treated with oil or wax or resin because in general they are more softer and highly included gemstone.

More information on emeralds treatments will be provided in our upcoming future blogs.  This 2.87 carats vivid green color emerald is a one of a kind piece, completely flawless green crystal with amazing fire & luster.

In all the years, I have been in this business, this is first time I have come across such a stone!  As this emerald has no inclusions or fractures reaching the surface, which is usually the case for all emeralds, there was no way for any man to add oil, wax or resin to it.
Pictures of both stones & certificate is provided below:

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