A Real Case Example of How to Buy a Diamond in Bangkok

In our last post Where and how to buy diamonds in Bangkok, Thailand?, a list of recommendation was provided in how one should go about purchasing a diamond and also “facts” which I personally thought are reasons why a person should NOT buy diamonds in Thailand.

However, in this post I am going retract my statement and going to be the first to admit that my so called “expert opinion can be wrong and it is actually possible to buy cheap diamonds in Bangkok.

Why the change of mind or heart?  The experience I had this last week in finding, sourcing and purchasing a pair of 3 carats diamonds for a client has made me a little wiser.  For this post, I wanted to share this experience and hope you can all learn what I did.

Also before sharing you my story, I would like to rephrase my earlier statement in the previous post that when purchasing a diamond to “please shop around and do keep your eyes open for best deals which can be located anywhere!”

The following story is in point to point format and are the steps we took for our client who wanted to purchase a pair of 3 carats diamonds for simple solitaire earrings to gift their mother on their parent’s 40th wedding anniversary.

A) The client first contacted us stating that they wanted an exact pair of 3 carats diamonds to make earrings for their mother.

B) We asked them if they were looking to purchase the diamond for a particular budget, color preference, clarity preferece, cut shape preference and any other specification?

C) Their answer was NO preference, just whatever you think is best as we trust your decision (a very typical answer).But, for sure wanted diamonds which were white color shade and the traditional (and in my opinion still the best) round brilliant cut.  Also, the diamonds should LOOK beautiful, of course!

D) We then started our search through our diamond network contacts.  We email a few suppliers, check a few diamonds dealers stock through their online database (user name and password is provided by the supplier, which are given only to people in the industry for exclusive confidentiality) and check our previous emails of suppliers who send us updated diamond price lists every week.Within an hour, we were able to see thousands and thousands of choices of diamonds from around the world (Antwerp, Israel, New York, Mumbai, Bangkok, etc.,)

E) We also made a few phone calls through our dealers network in Bangkok to see what stones they have in stock and for them to forward us their stock list.

F) After sorting through hundreds over hundreds of lists, we short listed the diamonds we thought were the best deal based on the client’s criteria (3 carats exact pair round brilliant), the 4cs, and price

G) We then sent series of emails to the client to narrow down their diamond choice.   In the initial emails we first discussed what the “budget range” can be when purchasing 3 carats diamond pair based on the different 4cs.If the client wanted higher color grade, the one color grade up would have made the total price jump up from US$20,000 to US$50,000 for the pair.  For higher clarity grade, one clarity grade up can also move the price up in similar range.After exchanging emails back and forth, we decided to ideally look for diamonds around H to I color clarity range and VS1 to VS2 clarity range (Good middle range in the Rapaport price list – the one and only diamond price list).I wasn’t surprise with this choice as most of my clients usually opt for H to I color because the diamonds are white enough and also the price range is a lot more reasonable then D to G range.

H) With our client’s choice clear, our office aggressively started contacting our suppliers looking for diamonds which fits our requirements – trying to maximize the 4cs and the best discounted price.

I) After extensive search through our supplier networks, the diamonds which I thought first was the best deal was located with a dealer in Mumbai.  This dealer always has very competitive diamond prices and large diamond stock collection.They had a few diamonds in the 3 carats, I-color range, but the clarity range was of the higher or lower grade (VVS or SI).   The price range was also pretty good and in line what we were looking for.I was quite sure at this point that I will most probably get the diamonds from this dealer and just needed to figure out the logistics in getting them shipped to Bangkok.  At this point, I was also biased in my opinion (as you can read from my previous blog post) that you CAN NOT buy cheaper diamonds in Bangkok.

J) However, others in my office convince me why don’t I just try to call a few more dealers outside my network of suppliers and see if they have any better stones in Bangkok.  I am actually glad I took their advice, because after a couple of phone calls, I did get in touch with a diamond dealer who did have a perfect pair (3.03 carats, H-color, VS1 to VS2 clarity, Triple excellent make – excellent cut, excellent symmetry and excellent polish and no fluorescence) which he acquired just a month back and got it certified with GIA.

K) The stones fit my criteria in every way.  They were H-color (so more than white enough), not too much over 3 carats (e.g. 3.1 or 3.2 is too high).  The clarity also were in middle range of VS1 to VS2 and none of the inclusions were large black, gray or white crystals located under the table (factors which will definitely reduce the price).Finally the price offered was much lower then what I was getting from the “supposedly” diamond trading centers in the world (New York, Israel, Antwerp, Mumbai, etc.,).   In fact almost 10% cheaper.    Below is video which I took of this pair even though it still doesn’t do justice in how beautiful they are in reality.

L) I then showed the stone to the client who were very ecstatic that I was able to find a pair of diamonds in Bangkok in a very reasonable price.  They took about 2 minutes to make the decision to buy the diamonds and later told me they were quick in their decision because they have been looking around with other diamond dealers but couldn’t find exact pairs of 3 carats diamonds in such a great price.  They then requested me to please make a pair of gold solitaire earrings for them with these diamonds and to re-polish the (2.50 carats center) diamond ring which I helped make for them five years back.  The finish results of the earrings and rings is shown the videos below.

This experience has really enlighten me that making assumptions aren’t always right and diamonds can be found from anywhere.  The only thing you need to be is persistent and also very lucky!

I hope the above example is helpful and if you like give some feedback please feel free to write your comments below or send me a message at sales@thainativegems.com.


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