How much and What Type of Inclusions does a GRS Certified 3-carat Unheated Vivid Red Pigeon Blood Mozambique Ruby have? [Video]


In this video tutorial, I have tried to explain the method I use to determine “How much does a 3-carat Unheated Vivid Red Mozambique ruby cost? and show the ‘type of inclusions’ a typical unheated Mozambique ruby will have. For reference purposes, I have used two 3-carat rubies.

Both these rubies which are 3 carat each, are, GRS certified, vivid red ‘pigeon-blood’ unheated from Mozambique and cost US$27,000 (or around US$9,000 per carat). 

The method I use to determine the value of any gemstone is by first categorizing the stone based on the 4Cs + OT method.

The six criteria I have summarized in bullet form below:


We use the 4C’s + OT method:

To read more about this method I would recommend reading my blog post:

Both the rubies GRS Certificate copies are provided below, which states four criteria like ‘carat weight, color grade, origin, and treatment level.’

  • Color –
    • GRS grade – Vivid Red “Pigeon-Blood” though in my eyes it is borderline Pigeon Blood (more Pinkish-Red)
  • Carat Weight –
    • Slightly above 3 carats (3.03 carats & 3.06 carats)
  • Origin –
    • Mozambique
  • Treatment levels –
    • No Indication of thermal treatment which means 100% natural unheated ruby

Clarity and cut grade must be determine by the naked eye as the labs does not provide this detail.   This will effect the gemstones brilliance, sparkle and scintillation.  

  • Clarity (Two criteria) –
    • Inclusions – 80 to 90% Eye-clean or ‘Moderate Inclusions’
    • Transparency – 100% Transparent and not cloudy (not translucent or opaque)
  • Cut Grade –
    • Very Good for both rubies
    • There are some dents in 3.06 carats cushion ruby in the back – though this is normal for above 3-carat rubies.  If the dents were fully removed the stone will drop below 3 carats and the price will drop accordingly as well.


Both rubies have typical natural inclusions seen in Mozambique rubies which are:

  • Mica inclusions – the “cloudy” looking white inclusion 
  • Amphibole crystals – the small inclusions everywhere
  • Pargasite crystal – the black color inclusions
  • Chalcopyrite crystal – the beautiful large ‘3D’ looking crystal
  • Rutile crystals
  • Rutile silk inclusions – two types ‘zoned cloud of fine particles’ and ‘well developed needles.’

Video shows all the above inclusions.   Also, I have provided some images of these inclusions below.


Other resources to see typical Mozambique rubies inclusions I recommend checking the following websites:


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