How to Check GIA Laser Inscription Under The Microscope [Video]?

In this short video tutorial, using a diamond ring we custom made, I wanted to show How to check the GIA Laser inscription under the microscope and the verification methods one should use.

The laser inscription is the fastest way to verify if your diamond matches with GIA report number which provides the diamond’s 4Cs details.  This also determines the value of the diamond.

Why is important to check your diamond’s GIA laser inscription?

  • To make sure that the diamond ring you are buying matches with the GIA laser inscription, which is pretty much the value of the ring!
  • When sending a diamond ring for repairs that it was not switched with inferior quality, synthetic, plastic, or glass.
  • Usually, by seeing a GIA laser inscription you are almost 90% guarantee that your diamond is genuine.

Equipment you require to check diamond’s laser inscription?

a) Gem Loupe –

b) Microscope –

How to Position the Diamond Ring under the microscope?

First, position your ring in such a way so you can see the laser inscriptions that will be on the ‘diamond’s girdle.’  The image below shows the ideal stable position.  You can also use your hand to hold the ring with a tweezer.

Find the GIA laser inscription and verify with the GIA certificate

After positioning the ring correctly, search and find the GIA laser inscription on the diamond’s girdle and then verify if the number matches with the GIA report number.

GIA Laser inscription image of this diamond

GIA Report Copy (make sure it matches with the above number)

Check at GIA Report check website to make sure the GIA certificate is genuine

Verify your diamond from the GIA report check website is genuine.

GIA Report check website link:

This diamond’s GIA report check which proves this certificate number is genuine:

Other ways to check and make sure your diamond is genuine and matches with the GIA certificate?

  • Diamond carat weight should match the certificate’s carat weight
  • Diamond dimensions should match with the certificate’s dimensions
  • If you have a diamond over 1 carat then the diamond plot chart should match the diamond’s inclusions under the microscope
  • Finally, make sure that you have a ‘natural’ diamond by seeing the diamond hardness and luster which is known as ” adamantine” luster. (this method usually requires a little more experience)

If unsure that your diamond is not genuine, I of course recommend showing it to any gemologist or jeweler around your area.

I hope you found this short video useful and do feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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