How to Take Care of Your Diamond or Gemstone Jewelry


Keep your rings and jewelry in a soft pouch or a jewelry box.

Store your jewelry separately or next to one another. Do not mix jewelry into one box or one on top of the other as your jewelry will get scratched.


You can clean your diamond rings at home with a simple mild soap or jewelry cleaner.

1. Take a bowl of warm water, a soft-bristled toothbrush, and a small bit of soap/cleaner.

2. Make sure you are not cleaning your ring or jewelry in an open sink as the jewelry may slip out of your hands and fall into the drain. Either use a bowl or close the drain cover / cover it with a cloth.

3. You can add a few drops of soap/ cleaner into the warm water or wet your brush with water and add a small drop of soap/cleaner.

4. Clean your ring/ jewelry with gentle circular motions. Clean behind the diamonds and gemstones. This is where the maximum grime gets collected and makes your diamond look lackluster.

5. Once cleaned, rinse with clean water to ensure that all the soap has been rinsed off.

6. Pat dry with a soft dry cloth.

Please note: You can do this for diamonds, ruby, and sapphire rings as these stones are hard and tough enough to handle homing cleaning care. For other gemstones, like emeralds, opal, pearl, etc., you have to be a little more careful and if you are unsure about cleaning it yourself, we would recommend having it cleaned at the jeweler.


We recommend you polish your rings once a year depending on how often you wear your ring. This will keep your ring bright and shiny. 

If your ring is made of white, black, or rose gold, you may need to re-plate it. As gold is originally yellow, additional metals were added to give it the white, black, or rose gold final color. Over time and usage, the ring will start turning yellow. Replating can be done at any jeweler.

Your jewelry should be checked regularly. Take a glance before you put them back in the box to see if it looks fine to ensure that your gemstones and diamonds are not loose and the prongs are secure.


  • Keep your jewelry away from chemicals. 
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry while doing the laundry and washing dishes. The chemicals in detergents are harsh and they will take away the shine over time and damage your jewelry.
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry while washing your face and showering as soaps tend to leave residue on them. Over time this leads to your jewelry looking dull and lackluster. The microbeads in some products can also scratch your jewelry as they tend to be made of small particles of plastic and can be abrasive in nature.
  • Avoid swimming with your jewelry on as the chlorine in the pool will cause damage and discolor the metal. 
  • Do not apply perfumes, hair sprays, and lotions while wearing your jewelry. Metals and gemstones are sensitive to oils and lotions can discolor your jewelry. Try to avoid areas where you will be wearing your jewelry.
  • Avoid wearing your rings when you are doing rough or manual work. This may result in your ring losing its shape, getting bent, or worse, hitting the prongs. All these factors can cause your ring to break or loosen the hold over the gemstones or diamonds and in the process make it fall out and/or get lost.

With a bit of care and love shown towards taking care of your jewelry, it will protect it and maintain its beauty for years to come.

Thank you for trusting us with making your jewelry.

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