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Simple Steps to Buy The Perfect Engagement Ring in Bangkok

Buying an engagement ring can be overwhelming and sometimes stressful, and there are a few things to consider before you make that purchase. This ‘Simple Steps to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring in Bangkok’ guide will walk you through a few simple and effective steps that can help you overcome this feeling and help you make the right choice to find your perfect engagement ring.

Bangkok, the vibrant capital city of Thailand, is not just a city of stunning temples, busy markets, mouthwatering street food, and buzzing nightlife.

It is also an excellent place to find the perfect engagement ring. The city has a rich history of excellent jewelry craftsmanship as well as one of the biggest marketplaces for gemstones from all over the world.

simple Steps To Buy The Perfect Engagement Ring in Bangkok – VISUAL PROCESS

In this blog post “Simple Steps to Buy The Perfect Engagement Ring in Bangkok”, we have briefly covered the following points:

Ultimate Guide in Buying an engagement ring in Bangkok, Thailand - Process in making a custom engagement ring in Bangkok, Thailand



It is very important that before you begin your search for your perfect engagement ring you have a deadline in mind by when you actually need the ring. Plan your ring well in advance so that you can avoid last-minute rushes and purchases that may not live up to your expectations. When you have a time frame in mind, you can decide what works best for you, a store purchase, an online store purchase, or a custom ring purchase from a jeweler.


The first and most important piece of information you must work out and have in mind is how much you are willing to spend on the ring. Engagement rings come in a wide range of prices and narrowing down on a budget will help narrow down your options.


Whether you are considering a diamond or a gemstone for your engagement ring, it is important that you understand the 5C’s of that stone (Carat, Color, Cut, Clarity, and Certificate). Today, you can find enough information online and in this blog that can help you understand more about what you are planning to buy and set a more realistic budget. It will also give you more confidence to look for specific details, to avoid scams and buyer’s regret. It will also empower you to ask the correct questions and communicate better with your jeweler before making your purchase.


There are various options where you can buy an engagement ring from Bangkok, Thailand. It can be a retail store, an online store, or a custom bespoke jeweler.

Buying Engagement Ring in Bangkok - Bangkok Shopping Malls, Paragon, Central Chidlom, Bvlgari, Cartier

If you do not have time in hand and want to try on a ring and maybe buy one immediately, then a retail store is your best option. You can go for a branded store like Tiffany, Cartier, or Bvlgary or take your pick at local retail stores in MBK Malls or other Malls across Bangkok. If you prefer online shopping then you can visit various stores across the world that can ship you your engagement ring.

But if you have time in hand and you are looking for something truly unique and personalized, consider having a custom engagement ring made in Bangkok. Skilled jewelers in the city can help you design and create a ring that reflects your love story. You’ll have the freedom to choose the gemstone, design, and materials to craft a one-of-a-kind piece.


Explore your options, go online, and check reviews and their previous work. Check credentials if you are not buying from a branded store. Do your due diligence. Don’t feel pressured to buy something. Take your time to compare prices, designs, gemstone or diamond options and maybe visit a few stores if you are not certain yet and engage with a knowledgeable and experienced local jeweler who is willing to answer any question you have to your satisfaction.

We at Thai Native Gems (custom jewelers) have had clients who have spoken to us for even two years, educated themselves, asked us umpteen questions, and never felt pressured to buy from us. It has been the client’s choice whether they finally want to buy from us or not. We try our best to satisfy our client’s needs, in terms of providing information, being transparent in communications, and providing quality products.


Once you have decided where you would like to purchase your engagement ring, then effective communication is crucial with your jeweler. If you are looking to buy a ring from a physical store or an online store, you can look at various engagement ring styles, settings, metals they use, diamond or gemstone options (check their 4C’s / quality by checking the information provided or certification), if they custom make, shipping cost and options, return policy, resizing and maintenance policy, payment options, discounts and promotions, delivery date.

Communication is especially important if you are custom-making your ring. Communications related to finalizing the materials for the ring (diamond, gemstones, metal), time for sourcing, CAD (Computer Aided Design) making (optional, in case you are getting a handmade ring), approximate final cost, giving the go-ahead for the design, and fixing the time frame for delivery of the ring along with shipping are important factors to discuss to ensure that you make an informed decision, get a high-quality and well-fitted ring, and create a unique customized piece that holds sentimental value. It also helps build your relationship with the jeweler for any future jewelry needs or maintenance work. A trusted jeweler on their part will update you regularly and ensure you receive a quality product within the discussed time frame.

Buying a certified gemstone can be important (especially the center stone unless you are okay with an uncertified one). Gemstone certification provides important information about the quality and characteristics of the stone, origin, and treatments if any, which can be particularly crucial when purchasing valuable or high-quality gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. You can talk to your jeweler about this when sourcing as well as finalizing the purchase of the stone in case of a custom ring.


Shipping and delivery are important considerations when buying an engagement ring in Bangkok, Thailand, or any other location. It is wise to discuss shipping options in case you are having the ring mailed to another location within Thailand or shipping it directly overseas. Make sure your jeweler is insuring your ring against loss in transit, damage, or from being stolen. Be aware of customs and import duties in your country in case you need to pay duty for your purchased ring.

Once you have received your ring, check it well. Check your ring size as well just in case you need to get it fixed. You can also appraise your ring in case you need that for insurance purposes. Make sure you have received all paperwork like invoices, in-house certificate (if any) that show details regarding the materials used in the ring, and the 3rd third-party certificate of your diamond/gemstone (like GIA, GRS, Gübelin, etc., if any).


You have been working so hard alongside your jeweler to get the perfect ring, and now that you have it, it is time to celebrate your love. Whether you are proposing a romantic getaway in the Land of Smiles or some other place truly special to you, it’s a moment you both will remember for the rest of your lives. Congratulations are in order!


Buying an Engagement Ring in Bangkok, ThailandThai Native Gems Diamond Search & Custom Engagement Ring service (Best way to buy diamonds in Bangkok):

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What type of engagement rings can you make and how are they made?

1) We usually set our engagement rings in 18k yellow or white gold or 950 platinum settings.  Our rings are all hand-crafted and made by highly skilled Thai craftsmen.

Examples of some of the rings we made can be seen on our YouTube channel and shown below:

Buy an Engagement Ring in Bangkok, Thailand – YouTube Channel PLAYLIST

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