How to buy an astrological gemstone based on Vedic Indian Astrology in Bangkok, Thailand?

So, you finally decided to take matters in your hands and would like to change your fortune by buying a “magic gemstone” that a world renowned Vedic astrologer had recommended to you.

You might be having difficult time in your job or business or unable to bear children or all your relationships (i.e. marriage, partnerships or friendships) seems to have not gone your way and so you hope by buying and wearing this magic gemstone or multiple gemstones, you will find your fortune change.

As a student of both Vedic astrology (hobby) and graduate gemologist from GIA (profession), I do have experience and knowledge in both subjects and thought why not write about my view on this subject.

Please do understand all that is written is just my opinion and if you are seriously in the market to buy a Vedic gemstone, kindly consult a proper Vedic astrologer (for proper chart reading) and gemologist (for proper gemstone) before getting your lucky gemstone!

What is Vedic Astrology

For people who don’t know what Vedic Indian astrology is, it is a fortune telling science based on how the seven world objects – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, & Saturn – plus two other nodes – Rahu & Ketu – are positioned in the sky at your time & location of birth.

The time and location has to be exact or else planet positions will not be correctly placed in your chart and the events which have unfolded in the past and the events which are supposed to unfold in the future will not be accurate.

The belief in Vedic astrology is that the ray of these planets or nodes influences our fortunes and misfortunes.  This science also makes more sense than other astrological science (i.e. Chinese astrology or Zodiac signs) because it does explain how two individuals who are born the same day might have different life fortunes or misfortunes – again we are assuming both aren’t born in the same time or place, which is possible but definitely very rare.


The actual computation in how these planets are positioned is quite complex and awe inspiring by itself because the core science of Vedic astrology was created more than 3,000 years ago without the use of telescopes, computers or calculators.

It is believed that the best Vedic astrologers can actually predict how your future life will unfold in all aspects i.e. attitude, approach, education, job, work, marriage, friendship, relationships, etc.  Some of the astrologers are so good that they can even rectify your birth time and therefore check to see if your life events fit the chart events.

How do gemstones fit in Vedic astrology? 

It is believed that gemstones colors have the same “ray effect” as how the planets “ray effect” have on us.  So, if you do wear a gemstone which is favorable or unfavorable it will ‘hopefully’ change your fortunes or misfortunes.

Now this is where Vedic scholars don’t agree on in what type of gemstones one should wear – favorable or unfavorable planets.  Their arguments is explained below –

    1. Anukul-vad school:  These scholars believe the individual should wear gemstones that represent the planets which are positive (or favorable) in your chart or Anukul planets.
    2. Pratikul-vad school: These scholars believe the individual should wear planets which are negative (or unfavorable) in your chart or Pratikul planets.
Sample Vedic Chart - buy vedic gemstones in Bangkok
Sample Vedic Chart:  Highlighted cell colors in the table represents planet positions. Points are calculated based on how these planets are positioned.

Anukul-Vad School

The argument for Anukul-vad school is simple – if one wears a gemstone that represents favorable or positive planet (i.e. exalted, own sign, benefic, mulatrikona, good house, etc.,) this will enhance the power of this planet so your fortune will increase.

You can think it as lucky planet = lucky gemstone.  By wearing your favorable planet on your chart, which is determined by planet position in particular house or its power or aspect, these astrologers believe it will enhance the favorable aspect of these planet and negate the unfavorable planets.

They also believe you should give away the unfavorable planet gemstones to reduce negative karmic effect and in NO CIRCUMSTANCE wear the weak planets or its similar colors as it will enhance the unfavorable planet and increase your bad luck or misfortune (suicidal).

Partikul-vad school

The argument for Partikul-vad school is the opposite.  These scholars believe because the planet is weak in the chart, one should wear the gemstones that represent it, so the gemstone can give more power to that planet, so it can reduce the unfavorable effect and make it more balanced to favorable planets.

In simple terms, making the weak planets strong, so you will have more balance in your life.  They believe the reason why people are having misfortunes is because the unfavorable planet rays is not reaching the individual and therefore this person cannot enjoy that aspect in life without wearing that particular gemstone.

What is Correct Method?

So, which of these two schools are correct?  I wish there is a simple answer to this question.  This again depends on your chart and circumstances in why you want to wear particular gemstone.  Like how each individual is different, there is no correct solution for everyone as everyone charts are unique as well!

So, which gemstone represents which planet (or moon sign) according to Vedic astrology?  A table list is provided below

Planets or Moon sign the Vedic Gemstone Represent:

Vedic Gemstone Chart base on different planets in the chart - buy vedic gemstone in Bangkok
Rule of buying a Vedic Gemstone

The rule of buying Vedic gemstone is simple.  One should buy a gemstone that is natural, clean and as vivid in color as possible.   More details are provided in the recommendation list below.

Synthetics or other man made material has no effect because it didn’t come from the ground, so won’t attract the outer planet rays.

It is highly recommend not buying highly included gemstones or gemstones treated by chemicals as this will affect these gemstones natural effects in negative direction.

So, buying Vedic gemstones is like buying any regular high quality gemstone.  You can check how to buy gemstones in our other blog post guides (i.e. How to buy gemstones in Bangkok, Thailand, etc.,).

I will also recommend not telling the dealer, you are buying a Vedic gemstone as they usually take advantage of this fact and ask for higher price for same quality stone.

You should also never buy a gemstone from a Vedic astrologer (or pandit) as they themselves don’t know anything about gemstones and will definitely take a commission for your purchase.

It is like paying higher premium for medicines in the hospital because the doctors told you, even though you can buy the same thing for half the price or less from a pharmacy outside.  It is all business.

Recommendation in buying a Vedic Astrology Gemstone

Natural with No Treatments

The gemstone should be 100% natural with no heat or chemical treatments.  This can be verified by certification or reliable graduate gemologist.  For more details in how to check if gemstone is natural yourself please read our individual guides – ruby, sapphire and emeralds.  Other gemstones have similar principle and if you have any questions do feel free to contact me anytime.

High Clarity Gemstone

Try to get the cleanest gemstone (high clarity) as the more inclusions the gemstone will have the more ill effect it will have.

Best Color Gemstone

Try to get the most vivid color in your budget range.  Please remember the most vivid color natural gemstones are also the most “prized and expensive” gemstones and not everyone can afford this.  So, try to get the best gemstone that you can afford, but not make you go bankrupt!

Does Gemstones really change your Karmic destiny?

Another common question asked by my clients is can gemstones really change my karmic destiny? The simple answer again is not really.

You might be surprised with my answer especially being a gemstone dealer.  It is great for business for me to have vedic astrologers recommend clients to buy gemstones for remedies, however, being a student of vedic astrology myself, I have come to realize that gemstones really don’t have much of an effect in your long-term destiny.

Again, gemstones are believed to help increase your favorable karmic destiny and reduce your unfavorable karmic destiny, but cannot change your karmic destiny as your chart cannot be changed – your birth time & place is permanent and therefore planet positions in your chart is fixed.

No affect to Karmic Destiny

According to Vedic astrology, no matter what you do, you will have to face your karmic faith of this lifetime.  This doesn’t mean if your chart is very favorable that you can sit down and relax and hope everything will come to you due to destiny.

Again, one has to put efforts to succeed.  But, it is a fact in life that for some people with less effort they do get what they want, while for others even after substantial amount of work they won’t succeed.

This is explained by Vedic astrology and it is considered your karmic destiny.  One can only hope that gemstones can enhance or reduce your fortunate or unfortunate destiny.

Image of Solar System - Planets affects us base on Vedic astrology

I hope the above guide is helpful and if you have any additional questions please feel free to provide your comments below or send me a message at
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8 thoughts on “How to buy an astrological gemstone based on Vedic Indian Astrology in Bangkok, Thailand?”

  1. GemPundit

    Hey, You express everything in a nice way. You are a gemologist graduate. So your many aspects of Vedic astrology are clear and as you provide information in this post. Everything is right. I appreciate your work.

  2. Hi there, thank you for your great post. I am a chinese & have studied extensively into chinese astrology, so i just want to quickly clarify something here. You are right that what most people know about chinese annual animal sign is very inaccurate & makes no logical sense. However, what you dont know is that it is actually a very simplified extension of a much more complex astrology art (named ‘Bazi’) that has been used for thousand of years. As a student of Bazi, i can tell you that it has to be calculated up to the hour of birth, much like the Vedic ones & everyone will have a very different chart/life path. In Bazi, every 2 hours, every day, month & year is assigned a different animal sign. These animal signs reflect the core 5 elements (water, fire, earth, metal & wood) which was derived from the 1) five major planetary influence 2) earth seasonal influence.
    When you mentioned which birthstone to choose from, Bazi actually has a strict rule to ‘balance’ the chart out (meaning if your chart is cold, you have to get heat or if you have too much metal, it is better to use water to exhaust it, etc etc). There is only one exception when instead of balancing it, you go for the extreme & enhance it further. However, this is rare & only happens on what we term ‘special chart’. From my personal experience of having a normal chart with too little heat (lack of fire element), I can tell you that my life did indeed turned better when I got into ‘hot’ period or ‘hot’ animal sign years. So yea, i believe in balancing the chart instead of exxagarating it.

    1. Thank you for your knowledge and response and I would like to apologize regarding my “generalize statement” on Chinese astrology. I and I am sure my readers would be interested in knowing if there is anything in Chinese astrology which explains the effects on gemstones on different individuals. Can gemstones bring balance to one’s chart?

  3. Sirjana Singh

    Nice article! The information given in this article about the various aspects of Vedic Indian Astrological science and Gemology is very useful for a general astrological enthusiast or a person seeking to know his future.

  4. Anurag Nath

    Does a mildly heated(polished) ceylonese with clarity at the centre but inclusions at the side give atleast 80% benefit in place of 100% according to vedic astrology?

    1. thainativegems

      Hi Anurag,

      I wish I can give you an exact answer to this. According to most Vedic texts, gemstones should be natural and clean to get the maximum benefit. Now quantifying this they, unfortunately, have not given us any formula and I also assume they weren’t gemologists so won’t know the full details about gems. :). Treatments have been used for the last few hundred years, so during the Vedic times, it would not have been an issue. So, I would recommend avoiding it if possible.

      The reason is the natural stone which has been mildly heated could have been a different color (not yellow or blue) and after treatment change to that color. So how do we know the characteristics of the natural gem was previously before treatment?

      In end, it also depends if the gemstones suites you or not. If wearing the gemstones makes you feel better or more positive, I think that half the battle, correct?

      Anyways, I wish you the best of luck, and thanks for your comment.

      Best Regards,

      Tarun Gupta, GIA GG

  5. Caily Smith

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  6. Kunal Sarkar

    Hi !

    I am interested in buying a Sri Lankan yellow sapphire according to your concept.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon !!

    With best regards,

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